What Are Intangible Assets? Meaning and its examples

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You know, there’s this cool thing called intangible assets. They’re not something you can touch or count like money, but they’re super valuable for people and businesses. It’s like having secret weapons that make a company stand out and do really well. Check out some of these intangible assets that are kind of like hidden treasures:

Intangible Assets - TM - Trademarks

Intellectual Property (IP)

  • Definition: Intellectual property includes things like patents, copyrights, trademarks, and trade secrets.
  • Example: Imagine you create a cool new invention (like a gadget). Getting a patent for it means you legally own the idea and can make money from it.


  • Definition: Goodwill is the fancy term for the good reputation a business has, and the trust and loyalty customers feel towards it.
  • Example: Think about your favorite local coffee shop. Even if there’s a new one that opens nearby, you still go to your favorite because you trust it – that’s goodwill.

Brand Recognition

  • Definition: It’s all about how well people know and trust a brand name.
  • Example: When you see a swoosh, you instantly think of Nike. That instant recognition is the power of brand.

Customer Relationships

  • Definition: This is the value a business gets from having long-lasting connections with its customers.
  • Example: Even if a new store offers similar products, you stick with your regular shop because they know you, and you trust them.

Technology and Software

  • Definition: It’s about the special tech or software a company owns that makes it stand out.
  • Example: Apple’s iOS are exclusive to its devices. That uniqueness is a huge plus for Apple because people love the system.

Employee Knowledge and Skills

  • Definition: This is about how smart and skilled the people working for a company are.
  • Example: Imagine you work at a bakery, and your grandma has an amazing secret recipe. Your bakery’s success is partly because of that secret recipe.

Social Media Presence

  • Definition: It’s the value a company gets from being popular on social media.
  • Example: If a small café has lots of followers on Instagram who love their coffee pics, that’s a boost for their business.

Licenses and Permits

  • Definition: This is about having special permissions or rights that others don’t.
  • Example: Imagine you own the only shop in town allowed to sell a famous brand’s products. That exclusive right is valuable.


Intangible assets might not be something you can hold in your hand, but they’re like secret superpowers that make businesses unique and successful. So, the next time you see a famous logo or love a brand, remember, part of its value comes from these invisible but powerful assets.

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